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At Octopus Ghostwriters, we harbor wordsmiths who transform your ideas into impactful words, boosting your creativity to the standards of Platforms like Amazon Book Publishing and Kindle Direct Publishing.

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Octopus Ghostwriters has been serving aspiring and veteran authors for more than a decade. With more than 4000 satisfied clients, we enjoy a solid brand name in the market for providing the best book writers for hire. We are considered the best agency for writers who want to publish on Amazon, KDP, Walmart, Apple Books, and more. Our popular traits are:

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Self-publishing on Amazon, KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), Walmart, and other platforms has become a breeze now. With Octopus Ghostwriters as a trusted partner in your publishing journey, you can become a published author in a matter of days. A diverse range of writers, editors, designers, and publishers support you in realizing your author dreams with a flare. All you have to do is focus on your creative ideas, leaving the technical details to Octopus Ghostwriters. Our comprehensive services suite is designed to keep you facilitated from ideation and creation to publishing and promotion with tailored packages of your choice.

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Octopus Ghostwriters stands out in the crowded market of publishing companies as a one-stop-shop publishing service provider. Our values and dedication to customer satisfaction make us ace in our field. We take pride in our customer-centered approach to service provision and an unparalleled commitment to contribute to the literary realm.

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Working with Octopus Ghostwriters felt like having a writing partner! My Project Manager was there every step. Her coordination made the process seamless. Can’t thank them enough!

What’s Next!

What’s Next!