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The Best Children's Book Writing Services for Creative and Educational Books for Kids

Children’s books are a combination of texts and illustrations that can engage young readers while conveying meaningful messages effectively. Our professional children’s book writers understand the blend, crafting children’s books with just the right balance of both. Whether it is a board book or young adult fiction, our writers create content and illustrations that complement each other to make a perfect book for young readers with a long-lasting impact.

We Deliver All Types of Children’s Book Writing Services at Octopus

Check out the different types of children’s book writing services our expert ghostwriters provide and decide where your story falls.

Picture Book

Picture books are meant for kids between four to six years. 4-6 yrs. Our children’s book writers elicit reading habits and basic learning through the ideal word count of 200 to 500 pages. Our writers collaborate with illustrators to add the right touch for young imaginations on 24 to 32 pages which is standard for a picture book. With in-depth knowledge of what young minds need, Octopus Ghostwriters is the best platform If you want to make a maximum impact on young readers through vibrant picture books.

Early Readers

Early readers are chapter books for children between four and six years of age. Unlike picture books, early readers have more texts and fewer illustrations on 32 to 48 pages. Our writers use vocabulary and sentence structure in early readers, understanding children’s comprehension level while boosting their confidence in their reading ability.

Chapter Books

Chapter Books are elaborated fiction or nonfiction books for children between six and ten years. The length of chapter books is around 48 to 80 pages. Unlike chapter books for advanced readers, these books for young readers contain more illustrations. The story or the nonfiction content is divided into short chapters, providing easy reading to young readers. Octopus Children’s book writers capture the essence of chapter books, engaging children in meaningful reading and learning through interesting stories.

Middle-Grade Books

The target demographic for Middle-Grade publications would be readers aged eight to twelve (3rd to 6th grade in the US school system, thus ' middle grade'). Our ghostwriters craft middle-grade books, aligning the content with the developing minds of the target age group. Empower your growing children with the creativity they deserve with Octopus Ghostwriters.

Young Adult Books

Young adult fiction (YA) is meant for readers aged twelve to eighteen. Octopus Ghostwriters has a keen knowledge of the genre, and we create stories with themes such as friendship and gender identity. We write problem novels or coming-of-age novels that focus on the issues of adolescence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of children's books can I write?

Children's books come in various genres and formats. You can write picture books, chapter books, middle-grade novels, or young adult fiction. Explore themes such as adventure, fantasy, friendship, mystery, or educational topics. Tailor your story to the age group you're targeting, ensuring the content is age-appropriate and engaging for young readers.

What is the difference between middle-grade and young-adult books?

Middle-grade and young adult (YA) books cater to different age groups. The primary distinction lies in the target audience and themes. Middle-grade books are designed for readers aged 8-12. These books usually feature protagonists around the same age as the readers, navigating challenges and adventures relevant to their developmental stage. YA stands for young adult, and this genre is tailored for readers aged 14-18, corresponding to 8th to 12th grade in the US. Young adult books deal with more complex and mature themes suitable for older teens. Protagonists in YA novels are typically older teenagers facing challenges that resonate with the experiences and concerns of adolescents transitioning into adulthood.

Do I need an illustrator for my children's book?

It depends on the type of children's book you're creating. Picture books typically require illustrations, and many publishers prefer to pair authors with illustrators. If you're not an illustrator, you can submit your manuscript without illustrations, and the publisher may handle the illustration process. For chapter books and middle-grade novels, illustrations may be minimal or unnecessary.

How do you incorporate educational and moral values into children's books without compromising entertainment?

We believe in the ability of children's books to be both informative and enjoyable. Our strategy is to smoothly incorporate educational and moral aspects into the story while maintaining its entertainment value. We integrate key life lessons such as kindness, resilience, and empathy in entertaining storytelling, relatable characters, and thoughtfully planned plotlines. We employ age-appropriate storytelling strategies such as humor, engaging dialogue, and relevant settings to ensure that the educational parts are smoothly conveyed in the story, generating a delightful reading experience that also fosters personal growth.

What’s Next!

What’s Next!