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Non fiction ghostwriters at Octopus are expert researchers. We strictly adhere to the policy of fact-checking while writing nonfiction content. Publish nonfiction books on Amazon, KDP, and other platforms with the best nonfiction writing services in the US

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Are you brimming with great ideas but struggling to express them effectively? Do you want to share your life story but don’t know where to start? Look nowhere else than our nonfiction writing service for all of your nonfiction writing needs. We handle every stage of the process with the utmost care and skill, from conceptualizing and drafting a manuscript from the start to translating it into a flawless, market-ready book. Experience our exceptional nonfiction writing services and see your ideas come to life, all while assuring originality and individuality in each word.

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Check out the different types of nonfiction writing services our expert ghostwriters provide and decide where your story falls.


Our creative process of memoir ghostwriting services assist you in unearthing treasured memories and transforming them into stories that will captivate readers. Our memoir ghostwriters explore every aspect of your experiences through the process, providing expert help by beautifully crafting personal narratives with theme creation, including realistic details without compromising your distinct voice.


Our skilled team of researchers and writers expertly tackles a wide range of historical themes, creating interesting narratives to give historical context. Our historical fiction writing services transport your readers to a different time and place. Whether it's World War II or Mediaeval England, our fiction writers are adept at capturing the soul of the era. We perform rigorous research to ensure accuracy and legitimacy, build a realistic environment based on historical facts, and employ evocative descriptions and characters to bring the past to life.

Self-help Books

Our nonfiction writers maximize the potential of your self-help book by identifying the target audience and objectives and using the words relatable to them. We recognize the transforming impact of self-help books that contribute to the growth and empowerment of your readers. Our self-help writers create useful strategies, relatable anecdotes, and a plan of action while maintaining clarity and coherence. Our self-help book writing services encourage new and experienced writers to empower others in conquering obstacles, creating positive habits, and reaching personal fulfillment.


Our biography ghostwriters capture the souls of extraordinary people and shed light on the lives of notable people. Our process of ghostwriting services includes carrying out in-depth interviews, investigating notable anniversaries, and narrating personal hardships and resulting success. Our biographies create realistic portraits of characters while respecting the subject's legacy. Tell the life stories of inspiring people to leave a legacy that informs, encourages, and inspires readers.

Academic Articles

Enhance your intellectual work with our expert academic writing services. Our subject matter specialists provide complete help in a variety of fields by performing extensive literature searches, developing hypotheses and research questions, executing data examination and interpretation, and including relevant citations and references. By hiring our professional academic writer, you can add value to the academic community, offer insights, and leave a lasting impression.

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Our team has professional ghostwriters for book in every genre and niche.


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  • Self-help Book
  • Biographies
  • Academic Articles
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Contact our best team of fiction writers today, and share your knowledge in professional academic tone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i find all types of nonfiction ghostwriting writing services Near me? What genres do your services cover?

Our nonfiction writing services encompass a wide range of genres, such as articles, blog posts, memoirs, biographies, research papers, business reports, and more. Whether you need informative content, expert analysis, business book ghostwriting, or engaging storytelling, we tailor our services to meet your specific nonfiction writing needs.

What academic disciplines do your writing services cover?

Our academic writing services span a broad spectrum of disciplines, including but not limited to humanities, sciences, social sciences, business, and technology. Whether you need essays, research papers, theses, or other academic content, our skilled writers are well-versed in various fields.

Can I request revisions for nonfiction writing projects?

Absolutely. We understand the importance of meeting your expectations. You can request revisions, and our writers will work closely with you to refine and enhance the content until it aligns perfectly with your requirements. Your satisfaction is our priority.

How do you ensure the originality and authenticity of academic content?

Originality is paramount in our academic writing services. We use rigorous research methods and cite sources meticulously to ensure the authenticity of every piece. Additionally, we run plagiarism checks to guarantee that the academic content we deliver is free from any form of plagiarism and upholds academic integrity.

What’s Next!

What’s Next!