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Octopus Ghostwriters harbors the best professional fiction writers in the US who know how to choose the right words and take your fantasies to new heights. Give life to your characters with our expert fiction writing services.

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Discover the Creativity of Our Professional Fiction Writing Services

Finding a ghostwriter for a book with bestselling potential is now easy, Thanks to Octopus! Our team of experienced fiction writers expertly crafts engaging fiction with memorable characters, captivating plots, and immersive worlds. Understanding the diversity of the fiction world, we offer various services to help veteran and aspiring authors bring their stories to life.

Diction is an important aspect of great fiction. Diction is the selection and implementation of phrases and words in writing, and it is critical for developing an engaging narrative. Our affordable fiction ghostwriting services are intended to assist you in choosing the appropriate words and phrases to improve your prose and produce a more interesting and effective story.

We Deliver All Types of Fiction Writing Services at Octopus

Check out the different types of Fiction writing services our expert ghostwriters provide and decide where your story falls.

Romance Fiction

Our romance fiction writing service is intended to assist you in creating a gripping story that will touch the hearts of your readers. Our professional ghostwriters will collaborate with you to create believable characters, compelling dialogue, and a plot with emotional depth that will keep readers interested from beginning to end. We can help you bring your vision to life, whether you're writing a family drama or a tear-jerking love story.

Historical Fiction

Our historical fiction writing services seamlessly take your readers to a different period and location. Our fiction writers are experts in capturing the soul of the era, whether World War II or Medieval England. We conduct extensive research to verify correctness and legitimacy, create a realistic world with historical accuracy, and use vivid descriptions and characterization to bring the past to life.

Science Fiction (sci-fi)

Our Science Fiction writing service is ideal for authors who wish to take their readers on a cosmic voyage through imagination. We have writers with a thorough understanding of the subject and can assist you in crafting a scientifically valid and creatively appealing novel. We write captivating sci-fi about space travels, dystopian societies, time travel, parallel universes, and much more. We know how to bring imagination to life by creating a distinct world with credible laws and logic and building modern characters in futuristic settings.

Fantasy Fiction

Our fantasy fiction writing service assists you in creating a world full of magic, legendary creatures, and epic conflicts. Our writers can create a distinct and engaging universe, complete with lore, society, and characters. We can help you build a story that transports your readers to a variety of dimensions, from high fantasy to urban fantasy. Create a complex, immersive universe with distinct civilizations and history. We help you explore universal themes such as power, love, and identity through the perspective of magic and myth.

Mystery & Horror

Our Mystery and Horror fiction writing service is ideal for writers who want to keep their audience on the edge of their seats while reading. Our skilled writers can assist you in creating a spine-tingling story full of twists and turns that will keep readers wondering until the very end. Whether you're creating a supernatural horror or murder mystery, we help you craft a story that's both terrifying and exciting. Our writers are skilled at creating intriguing people with complicated motivations and secrets and eliciting a sense of dread and suspense by using atmosphere, description, and tempo.

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  • Romance fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Science fiction (sci-fi)
  • Fantasy fiction
  • Mystery and horror
  • and much more…
fiction ghostwriting services

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we maintain the uniqueness and authenticity of the fiction?

Making sure your fiction novel is distinctive and unique is critical for both creative satisfaction and avoiding copyright difficulties. When you hire fiction ghostwriters, they understand the value of creativity and will collaborate with you to create a unique story. They will value your ideas and work with you to develop a genuine and distinct narrative that matches your vision. Furthermore, professional fiction book authors are well-versed in copyright regulations and can help you manage potential infringement difficulties, ensuring that your work remains original and protected.

Can I collaborate with the writer during the fiction writing process?

Yes, collaboration is encouraged! We believe in a collaborative approach to ensure your vision is accurately captured. Our writers are open to feedback, discussions, and updates throughout the writing process. Your input is invaluable in shaping the narrative and characters to meet your expectations.

What genres of fiction does your writing service cover?

Our fiction writing service is versatile and covers a wide array of genres, including but not limited to science fiction, fantasy, romance, mystery, thriller, historical fiction, and more. Whether you have a preference for a specific genre or need a blend of elements, our book ghostwriters are skilled in bringing various fictional worlds to life.

How do you ensure originality in your fiction writing services?

Originality is a cornerstone of our fiction writing services. Our writers are committed to creating unique and authentic content. We employ a rigorous process that includes thorough research, creative ideation, and plagiarism checks to ensure that every piece of fiction we deliver is original, compelling, and tailored to your specific requirements.

What’s Next!

What’s Next!