Adorn your Books with The Best Covers Hire Professional Designers in the US

Octopus Ghostwriters provides the best editing services in the US. Our expert editors are skilled in refining raw ideas into polished gems. We are the craftsmen committed to carving out the brilliance in every writer’s work.

Professional Book Cover Design Services for an Impactful First Impression

Regardless of how many times you’ve been told otherwise, books are actually judged by their covers. Having spent the last 20 years designing unique and attractive cover illustrations, our cover designers for hire understands the value of a book’s first impression on an avid reader. Our book cover design services have helped hundreds of authors gain significant rankings in the literary industry. We are professional book cover design services with a knack for turning ideas and concepts into beautiful and powerful imagery. Once the book is complete, you get to choose from two to three book cover designs that we send you. You can also have us create a cover design based on your creative ideas. All in all, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to designing book covers. Thus, consult our custom book cover design artists today to choose your favorite cover design package.

Explore The Sky-Wide Array of Octopus Editing Services

Octopus Ghostwriters have built a team, selecting the members after extensive market research. We have a great combination of young and highly experienced editors. Each editor is capable of delivering the best work, regardless of genre and niche. We ensure our client’s success every time, offering comprehensive services to get their idea published successfully.


We utilize every social media platform and reach popular influencers to promote your book and author brand in the literary world.

Author Website Creation

We create attractive websites and help you attain significant traffic, enabling your readers to access your book easily.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We have a team of SEO experts who apply the latest SEO techniques, bringing your author brand and book to the top of search engines.

Content Marketing

We use the benefits of book reviews, previews, author bios, blog posts, and other content strategies to keep your readers informed about your work.

Hire professional editors at Octopus Publishers and publish your next book with flare.

Our Convenient Process Flow for Convenient Self Publishing

The first call

Our representative calls you when you sign up with us to have a detailed discussion with you regarding your project.


After taking you on board, we document all your requirements in a questionnaire and select the most suitable team accordingly.

Team Selection

We select a team that is specialized in your genre or niche. A dedicated manager is also assigned to look after your project to the end.

Project Scope

With the help of detailed discussions and the questionnaire you fill out, we craft a project scope with all the details, including the time frame.

The first Draft

Once the scope is approved, our team start working on your manuscript chapter by chapter, taking your approval at every step.

The final version

After completing the draft, our editors and proofreaders work on it to make it perfectly errorless, which is the final edited version.

Approval and Feedback

The final version is sent to you to get your valuable feedback and approval. Once it is approved, our formatters ready it for publishing.

Cover Design

Our designers start working on book covers and illustrations, if any. Our designers work till the results are not aligned with your vision.

Publishing and Promotion

Once the manuscript takes the form of a book, our publishers and marketers publish and promote your book according to your chosen plan.

Our Portfolio of Diverse Genres

Our team has expertise in every genre and niche.

What Makes Us The Best Publishing Agency in the Market

Octopus is known in the publishing industry as one of the most dedicated and committed publishing agencies. With unparalleled services and a track record, we dominate the market with an extensive portfolio of satisfied customers.

We are diverse in our expertise

At Octopus Ghostwriters, our team consists of seasoned team members from diverse backgrounds, making us capable of mastering every publishing genre and niche. With years of experience, our team smoothly takes your idea on the high-ranking virtual shelves of Amazon, KDP, Apple Books, and other platforms.

We Understand your Budget Concerns

At our professional ghostwriting company, we provide value without compromising quality. You may count on us to provide excellent, reasonably priced services. Our packages are customizable to suit your budget and unique project requirements. We are your trusted partner in your publishing journey and share your concerns with dedication.

We Value Confidentiality

We have foolproof processes in place to ensure that your idea is safe with us. Along with your satisfaction, your confidentiality is also our priority. Our writers, editors, and publishers never make any claim on your royalties for their assistance. We are here to bring your vision to life without invading your privacy or claiming your ownership rights.

We Are Committed to Excellence

When you engage our book editing firm, you can always anticipate getting more than you bargained for because it’s our commitment to go above and beyond to ensure optimum client pleasure. We take every assignment very seriously and strive for perfection, from understanding your thoughts and vision to refining and polishing every area of your book.

Frequently Asked Questions

What role does a book cover play in branding an author or a series?

A book cover is a key element in author branding and series continuity. Consistent design elements, such as typography, color palette, or thematic motifs, create a visual identity. This branding strategy helps readers recognize and associate with the author or series, fostering trust and loyalty.

Do you provide different pricing options for authors with varying budget constraints?

We offer different pricing packages to accommodate authors with diverse budget considerations. We aim to provide quality book cover designs that align with your vision while respecting your financial parameters. We can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

In which formats do you deliver book cover designs to authors?

We typically provide book cover designs in industry-standard formats such as JPEG, PNG, and PDF. These formats ensure compatibility with various publishing platforms and allow for high-quality reproduction in both print and digital formats. Additional formats can be discussed based on specific requirements.

What formats are available for the delivery of book illustrations, and can they be customized for different purposes?

We deliver book illustrations in versatile formats, including high-resolution JPEG, PNG, and vector formats like SVG or AI. These formats ensure flexibility for different applications, from print to online platforms. Customization for specific purposes, such as promotional materials or merchandise, can be discussed to meet your unique needs.

What’s Next!

What’s Next!