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Memoir writing is the art of accumulating a collection of events, or a single experience in a way that captures and inspires readers. Memoirs hold significance in the literary world as they are not only interesting to read but shed an illuminating light on the possible dips and curves of life.

Our expert memoir writers ensure that your memories are encapsulated in memoirs that attract your readers’ attention and imprint your life experiences on their minds. Our ghostwriters help you leave a legacy for the next generations to come.

We Deliver All Types of Memoirs at Octopus

Check out the different types of Memoirs our expert ghostwriters can craft and decide where your story falls.

Personal Memoirs

Personal memoirs are crafted for a large target audience who can relate to your story. Our ghostwriters help you create personal memoirs where you can tell your story to make it relatable for a broad audience. Personal memoirs include:
Your real-life stories
Retelling of past events in a storytelling style .

Legacy Memoirs

Legacy memoirs are meant for a limited audience, mainly your future generation, including your next of kin and other family members for whom you want to leave a lesson or a message. Our writers incorporate the following aspects to ensure your descendants learn and remember you through legacy memoirs.
Depiction of your life achievements
Depiction of the lesson learned through a bad experience to warn off your descendants from the same mistake.
Help you stay connected with your future generation through influential words.

Confessional Memoirs

These Memoirs depict a confession from the author and are written by those who want to take the burden of regret off their shoulders by sharing their story with the world. Our ghostwriters understand that it’s a sensitive niche and therefore, we take special care in writing such memoirs.
Target large audience
Help you alleviate the sins
Tells the readers why the wrong has been done
Help authors unload their emotional baggage

Portrait Memoirs

A portrait memoir is where the author tells the events or memories from the third person perspective. The memories can be of their ideal personality or a loved one. Portrait memoirs are designed with the following aspects:
Life events and experiences of someone the author loved or got inspired from.
Narration of third-party notes from a diary or audio/video recordings.

Professional Memoirs

Professional memoirs are typically produced for celebrities who want to relive their most memorable moments and tell everyone how fame and money came knocking on their door. Professional memoirs are designed with the following factors:
Real-life experiences
Success stories and achievements
Challenges the author had to overcome to achieve their goal.

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Our team has expertise in every genre and niche.


  • Travelogue
  • Personal Memoirs
  • Legacy Memoirs
  • Confessional Memoirs
  • Portrait Memoir
  • Professional Memoir
  • and much more…
memoir ghostwriting services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can your memoir writing services assist with capturing the unique voice and tone of my personal experiences?

Absolutely! Our memoir writing services are dedicated to preserving the authenticity of your voice and the tone of your experiences. Our skilled writers work closely with you to understand your perspective, ensuring that the memoir reflects your individuality and emotions.

Can I provide existing materials, such as journals or letters, for inclusion in my memoir?

Absolutely! We encourage clients to share any existing materials, such as journals, letters, or other relevant documents. These items add depth and authenticity to the memoir. Our writers will carefully integrate these materials into the narrative, ensuring they enhance and enrich the storytelling experience.

How do your memoir writing services handle sensitive or private information in my life story?

Privacy and confidentiality are our top priorities. Before starting the writing process, we establish clear guidelines for handling sensitive information. Our writers adhere to strict ethical standards, and we offer options for pseudonyms or omitting specific details to maintain confidentiality and respect your comfort level.

How involved am I in the memoir writing process, and can I provide feedback during the drafting phase?

We value your input throughout the memoir writing process. After initial consultations, our writers provide drafts for your review. We welcome your feedback, allowing you to shape the narrative and ensure that the memoir aligns with your vision.

What’s Next!

What’s Next!