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Audiobooks have grown in popularity in recent years. As a result, there is a greater demand for audiobook narrators. Furthermore, the increasing use of smartphones and
e-readers has a big impact on the audiobook market, with an increasing number of authors looking to convert their written work into audiobooks. If you’re looking for an audio publisher, we provide great services that will help you reach a larger audience. We have the knowledge and experience to turn your piece of writing into an audiobook, making it available to individuals who like listening to books instead of reading them.

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Action Audiobooks

We can turn your action and adventure novel into a captivating audiobook. Our writers are experts at crafting fast-paced, exhilarating stories about a protagonist on a thrilling journey or adventure which is typical of this genre. Spy novels, survival fiction, and superhero stories are examples of popular action audiobooks. If you've written a story like this and want to turn it into an audiobook to increase your author reach, we're here to help! We are skilled at depicting actual action-packed situations, storylines that are daring, and dialogues that will keep your audience interested, all woven in an appropriate tone.

Children & Teen Audiobooks

This category includes audiobooks aimed at children and young people. Classic children's literature, science-fiction, fantasy, and adventure stories are included in these audiobooks. Our ghostwriters know that the target audience for this genre is different from adults, so we utilize a different narrating style for such audiobooks. If you're seeking the top audiobook agency in the United States, go no further than our experts. Our professionals have years of experience generating audiobooks for children and teenagers and can do the same for you!


This genre includes stories written to be produced as plays, complete with characters, dialogue, and stage directions. Our drama audiobooks may comprise theatre productions and radio or stage play adaptations. To provide an immersive listening experience, we may integrate conversation, narration, and sound effects. As a result, with captivating plots and dramatic emotional moments, our drama audiobooks keep your listeners on the edge of their seats.

Mystery Audiobooks

Our writers know the art of creating twists and turns in audiobooks that will keep your listeners wondering until the very end. This genre includes stories about a perplexing crime, its investigation, and the identification of the perpetrator. Detective fiction, crime thrillers, and spy stories are examples of mystery audiobooks. We create engrossing audiobook storylines that are unique with completely new content. Contact us if you want to turn your suspense novel into an audiobook so your audience can listen to it during their commute or at any time of day.

Author Profile

Our audiobooks sweep individuals who enjoy a good romance off their feet with captivating and uplifting love stories. Romance, relationship, and passion stories with traditional, historical, or fantasy World settings are our forte. Our professional writers, narrators, and producers collaborate with you to create excellent romance audiobooks that your audience will enjoy. So, if you're an author wishing to reach a bigger audience, try using our Audiobook Service by hiring our audiobook writers and bringing your work to life in an entirely new way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an audiobook writing service, and how can it benefit me as an author?

An audiobook writing service specializes in transforming written content, such as books or scripts, into professionally narrated and recorded audio formats. This service benefits authors by expanding their audience reach, offering an additional format for readers who prefer or have limited time for traditional reading. Audiobooks can enhance the accessibility and marketability of your work.

What genres or types of content are suitable for audiobook production?

Audiobook writing services are versatile and can accommodate various genres and content types. Whether your work is fiction or non-fiction, from mystery novels to self-help guides, audiobook services can bring your words to life. Different genres may require distinct narrators with expertise in capturing the appropriate tone and style. The adaptability of audiobook services makes them suitable for a wide range of literary works.

How does the audiobook writing process work, and do I need to provide the narrator with specific instructions?

The audiobook writing process typically begins with a consultation to understand your book's tone, characters, and any specific pronunciation preferences. Once the details are clarified, a skilled narrator will be selected based on the genre and style of your book. You can provide specific instructions or preferences, such as character accents or pacing, to ensure the narration aligns with your vision. Throughout the process, communication between you and the audiobook writing service is key to achieving the desired result.

How Much Do Custom Audiobook Services Cost?

Custom audiobook services have a high cost, but they are also more profitable than traditional textual books. Exact prices vary based on your needs and budget.

What’s Next!

What’s Next!