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Octopus Ghostwriters works with the vision to provide solution-centered services to authors from all walks of life. Our mission is to ensure that their literary journey is not only successful but also memorable for a lifetime.

About Us

Octopus Ghostwriters is a crazy yet professional bunch of writers, editors, designers, publishers, and marketers. Our commitment is to make things happen for writers from diverse backgrounds and experiences, supporting them in all ways to realize their literary dreams. Our ghostwriters are dedicated to bringing your visions to life, portraying them to the world in compelling words. With over a decade of experience in exploring the publishing world, we help writers meet their objectives in the literary realm.

What We Do

Octopus Ghostwriters offers the finest book-writing and publishing services in the industry. We provide our support from the beginning, helping the writers refine their ideas, prepare their manuscripts, polish them, and publish them on globally renowned platforms like Amazon Book Publishing, Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes and Noble, etc. Our service portfolio encompasses:

Ghostwriting in all genres


All types of editing and proofreading

Publishing on renowned platforms

Strategic Book Marketing

Book cover designing

Book Coaching

Our Millstones

Over the years, Octopus Ghostwriters has successfully achieved incredible milestones. Our commitment, dedication, and efforts have empowered us and our clients to be at the top of our game!

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What’s Next!

What’s Next!